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Hope Patricia Daly is a public relations specialist who believes in the power of public relations, marketing, creative partnerships, community outreach and partnerships, media and social media. (More about Daly on the A-List in Gentry Magazine.)

Hope Patricia Daly Public Relations (HPDPR) is a full-service boutique agency, founded in 2000, specializing in high-end lifestyle public relations with emphasis in small business, luxury brands, products and services, health, fitness and wellness, fashion, medical and day spas, juvenile products, culinary, interior design and home decor, design and retail offerings, artists, literary talent, celebrity talent and lifestyle and philanthropy events.

HPDPR founder, Hope Daly’s unparalleled energy, hands on approach, and imaginative thinking is fueled by her innate creativity. Daly positively impacts her clients' business through the development of strategic media, social media and communications programs and partnerships that resonate with a media savvy public perception to her clients' contributions in the world of lifestyle.

With a proven track record of success, an impressive array of top–tier clients and partners, spanning over twenty five years of deep–seated connections in the San Francisco Bay Area, Daly and the HPDPR team work with the best of the best, creating recognition, by delivering top-tier media placements and partnerships for both established and emerging brands and clients alike.

Daly attributes her successes to leveraging her community knowledge to the benefit of her clients and marrying their communication and media goals with strategic programs and partnerships.

In addition to her contributions in the world of Public Relations, Daly is a non-stop contributor to a myriad of philanthropic causes and events, and donates countless and tireless hours of her creative talents to causes both large and small.

Daly was born in San Francisco and raised and schooled in the heart of the Silicon Valley. She is a dynamic and thriving part of the peninsula community.

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